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Tripken is a trusted community marketplace for you to discover and book trusted local professionals, restaurants, transportation services, public and professional services near you. You can read and write reviews, share images of your favorite places also. 

TripKen enables its users to discover required professionals and public services USA-wide.

Through Tripken, you can choose from a wide range of service providers/professionals i.e. Find restaurants near you, transportation services, public and professional services, mass media companies, health and fitness centers, real estate experts, and many more. 

To get started, you need to become a member of this website. Click the "Register Now!" link at the top of most Tripken pages. While creating your account, add some information to your profile so that other members will know a bit about you. Membership is free and lets you discover services providers, post reviews, and photos. 

When you create your account with TripKen, you provide brief information about you and your requirements. This information helps TripKen to understand your expectations and considering every aspect of your project. TripKen then matches your specific needs with the definite skills of a chosen group of service professionals. You can sort and apply various filters on the range of outcomes you get. After that, choose one that is best suitable for your needs. The end result is an association between the right consumer and the right service professional.

Ratings and reviews are basically evaluations and judgments given by customers, clients or consumers to a specific business, professional or a service. Ratings and reviews are given based on the consumer's experience and level of satisfaction with the specific service that they have availed.

Ratings & Reviews are the most significant feature TripKen offer to its users. With the help of ratings and reviews, we specify the quality of our member service providers. TripKen will ask you to submit Ratings & Reviews for the service professionals you are served with. Once your job is complete, you can always visit the TripKen website to close your job and complete your Ratings & Reviews at that time. While writing your review, you can add photos of the places also, which brings realism to user experience. 

In your profile section, you can see the reviews you posted on TripKen. You can bookmark all the service providers/ professionals you want to choose. 

Screening process of TripKen is detailed and strict enough to ensure the authenticity of member Service Providers/Professionals. TripKen checks every aspect of its member service providers, whether its professional and legal reputation. All the contact details are verified to provide a smooth user experience. You can rely on the information provided on TripKen about the member Service Providers/Professionals. 

TripKen is a very popular and authentic website in the USA.  All the local service providers want to get featured on the TripKen and they are happy to pay TripKen for this. So, this is why, Tripken doesn’t charge you. 

There are plenty of choices to choose from, when it comes to hiring any service provider for you. You can compare the prices of different service providers and select the one that suits your needs and budget, in the best manner.